Academic Council

Academic Council

The Academic Council recommends the educational policies of the university and also determines the curricula and courses that can help achieve high educational standards. The council is currently composed of the following academics and professionals:


Professor NRM Borhan Uddin , Ph.D                                               

Vice Chancellor, City University 



Pro-Vice Chancellor

City University                          

Professor Dr. Mihir Kumar Roy

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration


Professor Mustafizur Rahman

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Science


Professor Dr. Matiur Rahaman Mian

Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering


Dr. A.K.M Saiful Islam

Head, Department of Textile Engineering


Dr. Zahid Rafiq

Head, Department of LAW


Md. Azizul Bari Khan

Head, Department of English


Md. Abdus Salam Sarker

Head, Department of Business Administration


Md. Safaet Hossain

Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering.


Md. Nurunnabi Sarker

Professor, Department of English



Professor M. Akram Ali

Professor, Department of LAW


Dr. Abu Zafar Mahmudul Haq

Associate Professor

Department of BBA


Ms. Naznin Sultana

Assistant Professor

Department of CSE


Nominated by Board of Trustees



Golam Fatema Tahera Khanum

Vice chairman-BOT

City University  


Md. Ahasanul Islam     

Vice chairman-BOT

City University  


 Md. Mujibul Islam 


City University  


Nominated by Syndicate


Prof.Dr.M.E kabir Chowdhury


M. H. Samorita Hospital & Medical College




Member Secretary


Md.Shakhawat Hossain 

Registrar, City University                                            



**The Committee will abide by the rules of private university act 19, 2010.