Chairman Message


As the chairman of the board of trustees of City University, it is a pleasure to welcome all students and admission candidates to City University's articulation of mission, vision, guidelines and student policies.

The paths of human possibility for students, as they create and recreate their lives, make this an exciting time for City University. When we envisioned this university, we believed in freedom of academics that stimulates the personal and professional growth of a student. We banked on our commitments, transparency and strengths. This website is an articulation of these three essentials of a successful 'leadership creating unit'. We trust in students' undiscovered abilities, and explore, to introduce students to themselves.

Our commitment is to create leaders, transparency is to the society, and strength is to accommodate the emerging challenges of the twenty-first century. The website provides information for prospective and enrolled students of City University that assist them in becoming an active participant in the City University community .It is a complete guideline of a student's tenure and endeavor as a member of City University family during his/her course of study. In addition to the emphasis of excellence in teaching, we recognize the urban environment as both source and inspiration of academic life.

We believe that City University's best interests are endowed in its interaction with the world. Mirroring the cultural diversity of the world, City University is an urban, ethnically diverse and internationally focused major learning center. This website is simply an official articulation of our mission and vision in detail. The website shares information and instructs policies to those who wish to enroll with City University's mainstream excellence in providing higher education that is priceless for the society.

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain
Former MP & CIP