Provisional Admission

Every student must submit the required certificates and other documents at the time of admission. Applicants for admission who are not able to submit one or more documents at the time of admission may be admitted provisionally. All provisionally admitted students are required to submit appropriate documents within a given deadline as a prerequisite for continued enrollment.


Students with study breaks or semester withdrawals are allowed re-admission subject to payment of re-admission and other fees.

Authorized Banks:

  1.  First Security Islami Bank.
  2.  Social Islami Bank.

Student Identification Card

A new student receives upon admission, an identification (ID) card with a number. This card is used for entering and staying in the campus, attending classes, using the library, internet and computer services, etc. The students must take good care of the ID and must report of its loss, if any, to the Registrar’s Office immediately so that the card can be cancelled to prevent its misuse. The Registrar’s Office will issue a duplicate ID Card upon application and payment of fees by the student. A student is liable to pay for any loss incurred by the University for losing his/her identification card.

Process of Credit Transfer

Transferred students are expected to have at least a 2.50 CGPA on a 4-point scale at the university level programs to be considered for admission to City University. Catalogs and official transcripts from previously attended universities must be furnished with the application for admission.If needed, transcripts may have to be sent directly to the City University Registrar’s Office from each institution attended.

An undergraduate student may transfer (through grade transfer or exemption or a combination of both) a maximum of 35 percent of the total credit hours required for the degree in question at City Uniersity. In exceptional cased, the Equivalence Committee may, on recommendation of concerned Dean, consider extending the credits up to 40 percent.

For transfer of grade of a course, a student must have at least B grade in the course. In some cases, courses with C+ grades as per City University standard may be considered for transfer or exemption. For the purpose of transferring credits, the Equivalence Committee of the University determines equivalence of courses and grades for each transferred student. The curriculum, evaluation system and grading standard of the university from which the student is transferring must be comparable to that City University which reserves the right to make final decision on transfer. In case of any course transfer against 2 or more courses, the average grade will be shown in the City University transcript.