Co-Curricular Activities


The co-curricular activities emphasizes on the wholeness of university experience through synchronized development of body, mind and spirit. The main objectives of co-curricular activities are to create an environment for spontaneous participation of students in co-curricular activities, create leaders for future, and provide opportunities for community service activities. It enforces to enhance the teacher-student relationship, liaise with other universities, organizations and student bodies at national and international level.


Co-curricular activities:

· Leadership development programs.

· Sports, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, competitions.

· Research.

· Social awareness programs.

· National and International visits.

· Publications.

· Liaison with educational institutions, development organizations and other organizations at national and international levels in various events.

Clubs, Forums & Associations of City University:

· Career Development Club.

· Sports Club.

· City University Textile Club.

· City University Computer Club. (CUCC)

· City University Programming Club. (CUPC)

· Debating Club.

· Drama & Theater Forum.

· City University Cultural Club.

· City University Alumni Association.

· City University Language Club.