Welcome To Department of Law

In this era of globalization, in order to cope with every aspect of the globe, it is very inevitable to be acquainted with the knowledge of law. To achieve this goal City University was founded in 2002, as a non-profit organization and the university established department of law in the year of 2009. Throughout the world especially in common law system, law as a discipline has its own intrinsic features and that’s why it needs separate treatment. Law is thought in separate schools or faculties within the broader framework of the university. This department aims at imparting qualitative education throughout the education life and to make the education conform to the needs of the changing society. It not only helps one to pass law exam but also make one beneficial to the society. The department believes in practical learning and provides for clinical education which helps students to sharpen analytical, logical and practical skills harmonizing qualitative and quantitative approaches. The department has well educated, skilled, experienced and devoted faculty members. Most of the faculties members are form renowned universities. Besides, there are visiting faculty members and advisor from different sectors, like the Professor of University of Dhaka, Judges, Deputy Registrar of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Advocates, Human rights activists etc. to expose real life scenario to the students. The teachers are academically sound and dedicated. They are contributing to national and international journals of Law. The department of Law will provide the nation with a devoted group of professional in Bar and Bench and in other sectors as well through qualitative education.

The Department of Law offers the following programs:

LL.B. (Honors) – 4 years (undergraduate)

LL.M. (1 year)  

LL.B. (Honors) 4 years program is a program of 4 years consisting 12 semesters; 3 semesters for per academic year (spring, summer and fall). The whole program will be a program of 135 credits. LL.M. (1 year) program is a program of one year consisting 3 semesters and the whole program will be a program of 34 credits.

  • Study Tour (Each semester)
  • Semester Party (Each semester)
  • Law Club
  • Blood Donation Program
  • Legal Awareness Program
  • Legal Counseling
  • Mooting Association
  • Debating Society
  • Workshop and Seminar (Each semester)
  • Court Visit

In Bangladesh, for acquiring Law Degree the public universities opened their doors at first. But later by the enactment of the Private University Act, 1992 and the Private University Act, 2010 the Private Universities in Bangladesh got the opportunity to open law and getting this opportunity and the students of law after completion of stipulated sessions or academic years will get different law degrees, i.e., LL. B. (Hons.), LL.M, MPhil & PhD in Law. The law education imparted by this department will help one to build up one’s career and to productively contribute to the society.

           After receiving the Law degree, a law graduate can:

  • Practice in the court being an Advocate by getting license from Bangladesh Bar Council.
  • He/she can also be an Assistant Judge/Judicial Magistrate under Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission.
  • Like other disciplines, he/she can get job in any bank, multi-national companies, educational institutions, NGO’s, such as, BLAST, Ain-Shalishi- Kendro, BELA, Bangladesh Manobadhiker Bastobayon Songstha, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and in different specialized agencies of UNO etc.
  • He/she can be a Judge Advocate General in Army, Navy and Air Forces.
  • After expiry of 10 (ten) years in legal profession in the Honorable High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh an Advocate has the opportunity of being appointed as a Justice in the Honorable High Court Division.
  •  He/she can be appointed as a Justice of ICJ (International Court of Justice) and ICC (International Criminal Court) as well. Overall, the scope of working of a law graduate is spread all over the world and not limited by the boundary of his country only
  • Moreover, after completion of LL. B. (Hons.) and LL. M. in Bangladesh a law graduate wants to become a Barrister, he / she will get one year exemption from all the universities of the United Kingdom (U. K.).
  • He/she has the scope to be a teacher of law department of a university or a researcher of a research organization.
  • Moreover, a law graduate may get the miscellaneous without the above mentioned opportunities at home and abroad (including the Government job like BSC job etc).

The department of law believes that law as a subject is gradually gaining importance both nationally and internationally. It is important that we contribute to the legal sphere in a way that our faculties and students can devote themselves to take maximum advantage of recent changes of legal arena in Bangladesh after the independence of judiciary. The syllabus of Law Department is approved by Bangladesh University Grant Commission (UGC) which it is accepted by Bangladesh Bar Council and Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission (BJSC). So, the students who will pass from this department with good results will be eligible to sit for the Bangladesh Bar Council Exam and Bangladesh Judicial Exam. The teaching and learning methodology of this department is quite different other universities. Its syllabus is formulated based on the syllabuses of many well-ranked western universities at the same time it is made conform to our social needs.

Entry Requirements

Requirements for LL.B. (Honors) – 4 years (Undergraduate) program

According to the UGC rules, applicants must have at least 2nd Division or GPA 2.5 in both SSC and HSC. If there is any GPA 2.00 in SSC/HSC then the total GPA must have to be GPA 6.00. On the other hand, for O level & A level, at least for 5 Subjects in O level and 2 Subjects in A level, the applicants must have GPA 4.00 or B Grade in 4 Subjects & GPA 3.5/C Grade on the other 3 Subjects. Regarding Freedom Fighters children, the total GPA may be considered as 5.00 for each applicant.

Requirements for LL.M. 1 year program

To get admission in LL.M. 1 year program a candidate/student must have the following requirements:

  • Candidate/student must have a LL.B. (Honors) degree from any recognized university.
  • Candidate/student must obtain second division/GPA 2.5 in both SSC & HSC/equivalent examinations.
  • Candidate/student should have at least 6.0 combined but score not less than GPA 2.00 in any individual examination.
  • Or, students/candidates who have passed at least 5 papers in GCE ‘O’ level and 2 papers in ‘A’ level provided that they have at least “B’ grade in four papers and ‘C’ grade in three papers.

1.Individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Bangladesh are defined as international applicants. International applicants seeking admission into City University must meet the same academic standards as those required for Bangladeshi students. There are wide variations, however, among educational systems throughout the world that make an exact comparison of educational standards difficult. International applicants  are selected on the basis of their prior academic results, English proficiency, probability of success in the chosen curriculum as evidenced by prior work in the academic area involved, and certification of adequate financial resources.

2. Students must have good command in English.