Welcome To Department of GED

Departmental Message

The General Education Department (GED) of City University is a non-degree offering department. This department offers courses to expand the knowledge and skills of the students other than their major. The GED courses emphasize students’ basic knowledge in all dimensions and create an excellent foundation for their future development.  GED includes nine general studies programs: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, History, Philosophy, Environment Science, Sociology, and Ethics. The faculty members of GED include renowned experts in different areas of studies: natural science and modern technology; humanities and social science. Guest speakers and professors are regularly invited to give seminars, further enriching the educational experience of the students. GED also offers various extracurricular opportunities to strengthen students’ personal development and social leadership.

Objectives of GED

  • Today’s workplace is increasingly multidisciplinary – the greater the understanding students of different disciplinary aims and methodologies, the better their judgments about which approach or sets of approaches are best. The aim is to provide students a number of basic subjects by way of building the intellectual foundations and skills absolutely necessary for any university-level education.
  • Students will have a stronger, multidisciplinary base to draw from when making decisions in their chosen field.
  • Students may change career directions several times in their working life – lifelong learning and a broad knowledge base can help them make those transitions – and even welcome them.
  • Students may discover a new passion, a new area of interest that they may wish to pursue more deeply.