Lab Facilities For CSE

A Computer Lab is used to provide students with the access of many services. It gives our students the access of software library and scope to acquire practical experiences. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department has 2 (two) computer labs.

First computer lab has a total of 50 computers. The laboratory is fully equipped because it has all the equipment required for students for the best practical experiences.

Second lab also equipped with 30 computers. It means that students need not to wait in a queue in one lab when they want to do their assignments. And thus it helps them obtain good grades. Being able to work in a quiet environment it allows students to concentrate on their work.

Computer Labs enable students to get training in computer applications. Therefore, once students became graduate, they can use the skills they learned for the betterment of their career. Additionally, computer labs allow equity to the students. Every individual can get access to his computer. Students can work on machines without sharing PCs.