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Name: Md. Rafiqul Islam
 Telephone (office): 121

Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering City University, Bangladesh.

i) Data Mining,
ii) Computer Vision,
iii) Medical Image Processing,
iv) Deep Learning,
v) Bio-informatics

Research Scholar in Centre for applied informatics (CAI) , Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (June 2017-Present )
Research projects:
i) Brain Impairment detection using Functional MRI.
ii) Multiple targets for tracing multiple peoples using deep learning.

1. Lecturer, Department of CSE, City University, from April 2014 to present.
2. Lecturer, Department of IT,  Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT), Bangladesh, from July 2013-Dec 2013.

1. Best Student Award, Daffodil Institute of IT, Bangladesh
2. Merit Scholarship, City University, Bangladesh

Peer-reviewed journal articles
1. Md Rafiqul Islam, Shah Miah, Abu Raihan M Kamal (2018). A Design Construct for Developing
Approaches to Measure Mental Health Conditions: a design research perspective. Australasian Journal of
Information Systems. (Accepted)

2. Md Rafiqul Islam, Ashad Kabir, Ashir Ahmed, Abu Raihan M Kamal (2018). Depression Detection from
Social Network Data. Health Information Science and Systems. (Accepted)

3. Md Rafiqul Islam, Xiaoxia Yin, AnwaarUlhaq, Yanchun Zhang (2017). A survey of graph based
techniques for automated disease diagnosis by analyzing complex brain network using functional and
diffusion MRI. American Journal of Applied Science, Vol-14, Issue-12, Pages 1186-1208(H Index 32,Q2).
4. Prohollad Chandra Sarkar, Md Rafiqul Islam, Md. JeysonJamanSawan, UmmeHabiba (2017). Data
mining technique for detecting fraud in healthcare. American Journal of Applied Science.(H Index
32,Q2). (Accepted)

5. Md Rafiqul Islam, Naznin Sultana,Mohammad Ali Moni,Prohollad Chandra Sarkar, Bushra Rahman,
(2017).A comprehensive survey of time series anomaly detection in online social network data.
International Journal Computer Applications, Volume 180, No-3 December 2017.

6. Md Rafiqul Islam, Bushra Rahman (2016). Strategies to control quality in crowdmining. Current Trends
in Information Technology (CTIT), Vol 6, No 1(2016), P. (1-5).

7. Bushra Rahman, Md Rafiqul Islam (2015). Working Principles and Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11
and Sensor S-MAC. Current Trends in Information Technology (CTIT), Vol 5, No 3(2015), P. (39-47).

8. TahminaAkter, Md. Delwar Hossain, and Rafiqul Islam(2015). A Neighbor Discovery Approach for
Cognitive Radio Network Using intersects Sequence Based Channel Rendezvous. International Journal of
Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER),Vol 6, Issue 4, April 2015.

Peer-reviewed conference publication

1. Sudha Subramani, Md Rafiqul Islam, Hua Wang, Anwaar Ulhaq (2018). Child Abuse and Domestic
Abuse: Content and Feature Analysis from Social Media Disclosures. Australasian
Database Conference, ADC 2018 , Australia (Accepted).
2. Md Rafiqul Islam, Abu Raihan M. Kamal,Naznin Sultana, Mohammad Ali Moni, Robiul Islam (2017).
Depression detection using K-nearest neighbors (KNN) classification technique.International Conference
on Computer, Communication, Chemical, Materials and Electronic Engineering. February8-9, 2018,
Rajshahi, Bangladesh. (Accepted).
3. Md Rafiqul Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Abu Raihan M. Kamal, (2017). Time series anomaly detection in online
social network: challenges & solutions. 1st International Conference on Machine Learning and Data
Engineering (iCMLDE 2017),20-22 November 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Accepted)