City University welcomes students from both near and far every year for enrollment in one of its many international study program options. Knowing these different program options will help you tailor your study abroad experience in Bangladesh to suit your individual needs and goals.

Study Options

Are you thinking about your Bangladeshi study options? One of the first decisions you need to make relates to how you will study. You might move to Bangladesh to study on campus, take part in a short-term study abroad or student exchange program, or explore online and distance education. Keep reading to see which option is best for you.

On-campus study in Bangladesh at City University

City University offers students having high-quality, internationally recognized qualifications. City University offer a wide range of study options, allowing you to study everything from preparatory courses to prestigious MBA programs. This motivates most international students to pack their bags and make the move to Bangladesh at City University.

Studying at City University has many benefits, including direct access to highly qualified lecturers and tutors, student support services, and extracurricular activities such as student clubs and societies. Studying in City University also gives you the opportunity to travel during semester breaks. Facilities for students to transfer between campuses during their studies, which is another great way to experience different parts of Bangladesh.

Earning an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Bangladesh at City University

It is also possible to study in Bangladesh for a longer period of time and earn an undergraduate or graduate degree from City University.

Undergraduate degree programs in Bangladesh are completed in four years; City University focus on degree requirements rather than general education coursework due to the assumption that students have completed all necessary general education studies in high school & college.

Graduate programs in Bangladesh include three-semester studies toward the completion of a graduate certificate, one-year studies toward a graduate diploma and two-year studies toward the completion of a master’s degree.

Further information

You can find more information about City University by contacting with University’s helpline number or information desk or web page. Our Website allows you to get information directly from City University, including details of course costs and scholarships, entry requirements and accommodation options and others.