Here at IQAC under the umbrella of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of University Grant Commission (UGC), we thrive to create a quality environment in every aspect of the University. As quality has no boundaries, it’s an ongoing process and when we will achieve a satisfactory level of outcome; this will be our prime objective to embrace that position. We are trying to push the envelope to bring our University in International arena of University ranking. Under the guideline of HEQEP we are now performing Self-assessment in program level.


• Provisional/contractual recruitment of qualified and reputed teachers.
• Professional development of academic staff and non-academic personnel in support of teaching activities.
• Modernization of academic programs in under graduate and masters level that would enhance innovation in teaching-learning and skills of the graduates in latest scientific knowledge and technologies, meet the demands of labor market and increase the employ ability of graduates.
• Formulation of student-centered curricula designs with emphasis on learning outcomes, competencies, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary courses including results based programs.
• Invitations to post-doctorate fellows, eminent academics and scholars to offer courses and participate in research programs.
• Improvement of library services.
• Designing and implementing self-assessment exercise at academic program or department level.

Research/Post-graduate Programs

• Modernization and/or improvement of existing  programs that will consider the development of research capacities of universities.
• Initiate joint academic and research programs with national and foreign universities and research organizations.
• Formulation of innovative research designs oriented towards increasing productivity in the country’s industries and market demands
• Development and/or improvement of the laboratories and workshops with state-of-the-art scientific instruments and equipment with the aim to conduct innovative researches and experiments.
• Collaborative initiatives between the academics, researchers and industries for the application of results of innovative researches.
• Professional development of academic and support staff for research activities.

University-wide Innovation

• Design and implementation of campus access networks (WANs and LANs).
• Improvement of library services through automation, refurbishing of seminar halls and performing arts theater with modern acoustics and lighting system, refurbishing of lecture theater with audio-visual devices, preservation of rare and ancient manuscripts by slate-of-the-art techniques and their reproduction for researchers’ use; collection of books, journals and special publications etc.
• Equipments for central scientific instrumentation laboratory/ machine workshops and centers.
• Joint activities/programs with national and foreign universities and research organizations.