• Permanent Campus of City University at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka.

    Permanent Campus of City University at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka.

  • 2nd Convocation of City University 2015

    2nd Convocation of City University 2015

  • 1st Convocation of City University 2010

    1st Convocation of City University 2010


Welcome To City University

City University (CU) is one of the top ranking Private Universities in Bangladesh having own Permanent Campus at Khagan, Savar, Dhaka and City Campus at Panthapath, Dhaka. A country develops its population through quality education to be productive human resources which becomes the drive engine of socio-economic transformation. CU is working towards “Creating of Culture of Excellence” in higher education at a very low/affordable cost since its inception in the year 2002.

CU is committed to the idea of equal opportunity, transparency and non-discrimination. The primary objective of CU is to provide quality education at affordable costs and maintain high quality in both instruction and research. It also renders community service through dissemination of information organization of training programs and other activities. Sensitive to the needs of its students and staffs, Cu is committed to provide with a humane, responsive and invigorating atmosphere for learning and innovative thinking and to impart higher education to the brilliant students who may be deprived of higher education because of poverty. The entrepreneurs of CU believe that they have social, corporate and religious responsibility, they have established this University.

A significant number of students are getting these facilities and receiving their education at a very nominal/free of cost. Even the sons and daughters of housemaid, security guards, rickshaw-pullers and day laborers have been getting these facilities.

Which CU obtained the recognition and approval of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2002; it launched its academic programs in full swing from 2005. When CU was founded in 2002, there were only 48 students, today around 8000 (eight thousand) students are pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas of CU. In this 2nd Convocation, 1112 students – 68 Graduates and 1044 undergraduates – will be awarded degrees.

City University was established with a view to open the door of higher education to the common people of Bangladesh. CU has its beautiful permanent campus with panoramic view at Khagan, Savar, Dhaka. It has also been awarded Permanent Certificate by the government of Bangladesh.

Admission Fall 2016

Admission  Fall2016 is going on & Registration for the semester 01-10 Dec 2016 (Appr.)

Permanent Campus